Design Services  
  Good design can transform your landscape. When designing, we listen to you and translate your desires, visions and needs into a landscape design that will delight you and thrive in your particular yard. Our landscape designs are developed in a three step process: initial meeting, conceptual design and final design. Our full landscape designs include specifications on all the plants, paving, irrigation, soil preparation, rockwork and other details required to describe the finished landscape.

We begin by meeting with you at your home, where we interview you to discover what is pleasing to you aesthetically and what you need functionally. The more information you can give us about your desires and needs, the better we can fine-tune the design for you. Photos, landscape addresses, magazine articles, and lists of desires and needs are all helpful. When considering your desires we encourage you to consider what you would really like without worrying about the practicalities. As designers we can provide designs that may incorporate things you thought were impossible.

At this time we need a copy of any site survey you have (usually an ILC or Improvement Location Certificate is part of the buying papers from a home). We will also take a set of photographs of your house and yard.

We use the information gathered from the initial meeting to create several conceptual designs, usually two or three. These explore a wide variety of possibilities. At this point, we are not selecting particular plants, styles or materials, but are considering the overall organization of the landscape. We present these conceptual sketches to you at the second meeting, where we discuss the themes and intent of each conceptual design. We usually leave these sketches with you for your consideration. It may be that you like everything in one sketch or you may wish to use ideas from several designs. In the latter case, a third meeting may be needed to decide how to weave together the various ideas. Once the final conceptual plan has been created, we will discuss plants and materials and move forward to the final design.

The final landscape design has all the necessary details and information to build your new landscape, turning your dreams into reality. Also included is a complete plant list, describing the plants and including notes on care.

Once you approve the final design, we can provide a bid on installation. All of our installations are supervised by the landscape designer, insuring that the integrity of the design is honored.

If you do not need a full landscape design, we can also work with you in the following ways:
  • conceptual design/master plan
  • on-site consultation~no drawings
  • on-site design~simple sketches
We would be glad to meet with you at your home to introduce ourselves, show you our portfolio and references and discuss your landscape. (no charge)

All of our design work is billed by the hour. Please contact us for current rates.