Sustainable Landscape Design Build
matrix gardens


We cultivate landscapes

We care for your plants and soil
and develop the beauty and richness of your landscape.


Our professional garden care covers your entire landscape;
from overall aesthetics and function, to the details of plant health and longevity.

We offer a full array of services

providing skilled observation and care throughout the year to catch small issues before they become major problems:

  • removing young weeds, avoiding laborious weeding months later

  • correcting watering problems before plants become unhealthy

  • regular pruning of shrubs and small trees for plant health and aesthetics

    We have the experience and knowledge to cultivate your landscape with minimal time and expense:

  • pruning to enhance flower and fruit without risk of disease

  • controlling pests and disease using non-toxic methods

We are dedicated to professional education and are at the forefront of sustainable and non-toxic landscape cultivation;
all of our maintenance is based on current research.

A garden is a grand teacher
— Gertrude Jekyll

Let Matrix Gardens bring out the best in your landscape!