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Lawn Replacement with Resource Central (registration required)

When watered and maintained effectively, replacing your lawn with Xeriscape can reduce your outdoor water use by up to 60%! On average, 50% of household water is used for landscape irrigation, so by converting even a small portion of your turf to Xeriscape, the potential water savings are HUGE!

This informative seminar, led by Alison Peck of Matrix Gardens, will cover everything you need to know to transform your lawn into a beautiful Xeriscape garden. Alison will discuss how to select the best and least problematic areas of your lawn for replacement, how to prepare your landscape for removing turfgrass, how to actually kill and remove your grass, how to prepare your turf-less area for planting, the best Xeric perennials for your new garden bed, irrigation solutions, and more. She will include a small educational segment on hardscape options for turf removal as well.

*This seminar is a part of the City of Boulder’s Turf Replacement Program. Any City of Boulder resident that attends this seminar will be eligible to receive a FREE 200 square foot Garden In A Box, and a FREE spray to drip conversion kit. In order to receive these benefits, Boulder residents must first attend the seminar, and then following the seminar must convert 200 square feet or more of turf to Xeriscape or hardscape. For more information, visit the City of Boulder website.