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matrix gardens


Our landscapes are where we can experience the wonder & renewal of nature each day

With this inspiration, Matrix Gardens is dedicated to working with you and your home to create and cultivate rich landscapes that offer a home to all life. 

We design and install residential landscapes, both new homes, and renovations, as well as commercial and multi-unit housing landscapes.  Our designers have decades of experience in creating earth-friendly landscapes for a wide variety of clients, encompassing a broad range of budgets and styles.  Unlike many landscape design and installation companies,

we are plant experts. 

We love plants and include a variety of native and well-adapted plants sourced locally and from specialty nurseries across the country. Our experienced installation crew handles a wide variety of installation work. Once your landscape is installed, we offer cultivation - expert garden care - 
to bring out the beauty of your garden and enhance its ecological functions:
water conservation, wildlife habitat, food production, carbon sequestration and more.

We employ a wide array of design principles and landscaping practices developed over thirty years of research and experience. 

Our Landscapes can:

  • Provide vital food and shelter for pollinators and beneficial insects, birds & other wildlife

  • Harvest and clean rainwater and snowmelt, thus conserving our precious water

  • Enhance health by inviting relaxation, providing exercise & fresh food, and boosting the immune system

  • Decrease pollution by avoiding herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers; and by using reused/reusable and recycled construction materials

  • Reduce greenhouse gasses by sequestering atmospheric carbon, reducing energy use, and recycling and composting organic waste

  • Support the regional economy by buying from local businesses and using locally available materials that create a sense of place