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Landscaping For Wildlife

Do you ever pause enraptured by a soaring birdsong, or trace a butterfly's flight among the flowers and want to encourage their visits to your garden?  Or perhaps saddened as wildlands disappear, you wish to landscape to provide replacement habitat for these wild birds, animals and insects. Is it possible?

Low Maintenance Is Good!

Low-maintenance landscaping is really nature-maintained landscaping.  As the green industry works to lower our harmful impact on the earth, it is time to rethink our landscape values and aesthetics. Many of our aesthetic landscape principles still hearken back European aristocrats...

High Impact: Colorful low-water plants thrive in these gardens

From the Cascades and the Sierra to the Rockies, the West is richly supplied with mountains. It's only natural, then, that rock gardens should fit so well into our landscapes. Designer Alison Peck takes rock-gardening style to new heights at this home on a mesa overlooking Boulder, Colorado.